Animal Art for the Home
In the style of Leonardo Da Vinci


Leonardo's Dogs offers unique animal art for the pet lover in all of us; whether your favorite friends are dogs, cats, or horses. Do you like animals more than people? Is your pet your best friend? Have you lost your best friend and want a beautiful memorial? We offer Museum Quality Artwork, including Archival Canvases, Framed Giclee Prints and Handmade Wooden Tablets with many of your favorite breeds drawn in the style of Leonardo DaVinci. We also offer beautiful personalized options featuring photographs of your own beloved animals. All artwork is proudly made in the USA, and a portion of all profits is donated to animal rescue.



Leonardo's Dogs

The Lost Treasures
of Leonardo Da Vinci?

Leonardo Da Vinci sketched thousands of images during his lifetime – studies of anatomy, of beautiful women, and of inventions far ahead of his time. He also studied and sketched animals – among them a lion, a bear, even a dragon. But among all his notebooks, art historians are aware of only a handful of dog, cat and horse drawings.

But what if Da Vinci, a known animal lover , actually sketched dozens of different breeds of dogs, cats and horses? Leonardo's Dogs imagines that these artistic drawings, previously unseen for almost five hundred years, have miraculously been found, and are now available to all animal lovers, owners or breeders. This unique wall art is great for gift givers to share with loved ones for special occasions, holidays, or simply to honor and celebrate the other animal lovers in your life.

These truly stunning, unique pieces of animal art are available nowhere else across the globe and fit with any design theme, including cottage chic, French country, modern, vintage and shabby chic. Each master drawing of your favorite breed of dog, cat or horse is printed on archival paper and emulates as closely as possible the beauty and vision of one of the greatest artists who ever lived, Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo's Dogs celebrates all the beautiful breeds of dogs, cats and horses, but we also strongly encourage the adoption of shelter and rescue pets. A portion of every sale of gorgeous animal artwork purchased at Leonardo's Dogs is donated to animal charities and rescue groups.

Testimonials: What People Are Saying

I love it!! We just got it the other day and my hubby was actually surprisingly pleased (he's not too much into art, but anything to do with his beloved Bella!). It's a gorgeous piece - he even said it will fit with our decor nicely - huge strides as I said he's not an artsy kinda guy. Take care and thank you again.

Courtney D.

Please accept my humble apology for not sending an acknowledgement when the fantastic picture arrived!!!!! I was shocked at how soon it had come. It has a perfect place of honor and I smile every time I see it knowing how long I've looked for one as nice as my Andalusians picture. Thank you again for the prompt shipment and such a beautiful picture!

Patti O.

The drawing is beautiful on the website, but is even more so in person. The craft that goes into these is incredible. I have no idea what the process is, but the paper is rich and elegant and the sepia tones make it very hard to believe this isn't a vintage piece.


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